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  1. 25 nov

    The discussion goes on. References to , to and to old statistical disputes.

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  2. 20 nov
  3. 16 nov

    NEW ⤵️⤵️ Symposium - Florence 2020 The links to the forms for *Registration *Call for Scientific Contributions *Proposal for Invited Session *Jerry Ravetz Awards Application Will open soon ⤵️⤵️

  4. 12 nov
  5. 4 nov

    Symposium - Florence 2020 2 Dec 2019 OPEN Registration Call for Scientific Contributions Call for Invited Sessions Jerry Ravetz Awards See Themes in

  6. 1 nov
  7. 1 nov

    I expect 😀 everyone will recognise the homepage of in the 1st picture. For those who don’t 😂visit 🙏 our very busy

  8. 21 ott
  9. 19 ott

    In his Honorary Doctorate acceptance speech Sir acknowledges the concept of post-normal science and the role of the University of Bergen in advancing it

  10. 10 lug
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  11. 9 lug

    Our SAPEA report "Making sense of science for policy under conditions of complexity and uncertainty" is now published :

  12. 12 giu
  13. 12 giu

    PNS 5 Symposium - Knowledge, Science Practices and Integrity: Quality through Post-Normal Science Lenses. University of Florence (Florence, IT) Palazzo Fenzi-Marucelli 21 -23 September 2020

  14. 1 giu

    Plotting to be held in Florence September 2020.

  15. 31 mag

    Jerry Ravetz puts forward his provocation on the future of science at today's Jerry at 90 symposium in Oxford on the future of post-normal science

  16. 15 mag

    Imperdível, 5th Post Normal Science Symposium, Florence 2020.

  17. 11 mag
  18. 17 nov 2018

    September 2020 in - looking forward to seeing you all again there! Thanks everyone for making edition in so special. 🙏

  19. 17 nov 2018

    Nice to see such a diversity of perspectives and new faces The farewell words See you at next edition in Firenze

  20. 16 nov 2018

    Breaking: will be in September 2020 Florence, hosted by Annibale Biggeri

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