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  1. 9 lug 2019

    Our SAPEA report "Making sense of science for policy under conditions of complexity and uncertainty" is now published :

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    Sabina Leonelli will be one of our Keynote speakers , Florence, Sept. 21-23, 2020

  3. 22 gen

    Passing by my eye was caught by this amazing Giovanni della Robbia (1522). September is high season in Florence. Book early

  4. 21 gen

    “Post- normal science introduced the idea of participation through an extended peer community to deal with societal problems characterized by high uncertainties and high decision stakes.” ☑️

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  6. 20 gen

    Paul Feyerabend, "Brunelleschi & the Invention of Perspective," Conquest of Abundance. Florence 2020

  7. 20 gen

    Do you want to avoid flying to ? Excellent fast train connections to Florence. I'm now in a comfortable train to visit the venue.

  8. 18 gen

    Symposium - Florence 2020 If you are planning to submit a *Proposal for an Invited Session REMEMBER: DEADLINE END OF JANUARY☑️

  9. 17 gen
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    And you can visit & not only, participating in , the Post Normal Science Symposium to take place in Florence, September 2020

  11. 14 gen

    It would be great to have a session on the Ethics of Quantification

  12. 8 gen

    On prescribed burning in Australia: "Quite often, the misconception arises that [aboriginal] Nyungar people have little knowledge or memory of land and its processes, but nothing could be further from the truth" (Glen Kelly)

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  13. 7 gen

    Reflecting on this good piece of Michiko Kakutani: when exposing the rhetoric of evidence one is unappreciated by the intellectual left, for which this amounts to encourage relativism, nor from the corporate right, which appeals to “sound science”

  14. 4 gen

    PNS “yields something more rigorously managed than politics, less precise than laboratory science, more challenging than either of them, & with the potential to restore integrity to science practice & prudence in policy advice.” Join us in Florence

  15. 30 dic 2019
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    Astroturfing: the lobbyists' way to the democratization of expertise? 🤔 A good theme for discussion at the next post-normal science symposium .

  16. 20 nov 2019
  17. 4 nov 2019

    Symposium - Florence 2020 2 Dec 2019 OPEN Registration Call for Scientific Contributions Call for Invited Sessions Jerry Ravetz Awards See Themes in

  18. 1 nov 2019
  19. 1 nov 2019

    I expect 😀 everyone will recognise the homepage of in the 1st picture. For those who don’t 😂visit 🙏 our very busy

  20. 21 ott 2019

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