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Event place Symposium 2020

Dates to keep in mind

Event local time

2nd Dec 2019

9:00 AM Registration opening

9:00 AM Call for Scientific Contributions opening

9:00 AM Call for Invited Sessions opening

9:00 AM Jerry Ravetz Awards opening

31st Jan 2020

11:59 PM Call for Invited Sessions closing

11:59 PM Jerry Ravetz Awards closing

29th Feb 2020
Acceptance date for Jerry Ravetz Awards
14th Mar 2020

11:59 PM Call for Scientific Contributions closing

Acceptance date for Invited Sessions

30th Apr 2020
Acceptance date for Scientific Contributions
15th May 2020

11:59 PM Early registration deadline

15th Jun 2020
11:59 PM Late registration deadline
21st Sept 2020
9:00 AM
23rd Sept 2020
1:30 PM
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